The Drawer




He was an easy goin’ man, that’s what they said. Easy goin’, and he was
Me father had a drawer under the bench in the shed that was his go to place
the somewhere he went for peace and clarity or just time
the drawer had divisions made from skelps of wood
dividers to hold washers and nuts and split pins and plugs
rawl plugs for masonry
it was a farmers emporium of nick nacks and tools
everything was there, everything you’d use to fix farmin’ equipment or stuff about the house
but it wasn’t always what was in the drawer that the aul’ man saw
it was the world around him when it got disturbed
it was his place for reflection and weldin’ and grindin’ 
for sortin’ out questions and sometimes, not always, findin’ answers
if we wouldn’t do homework or crashed the good car
if there was a row over football or someone let him down somehow
he’d open the shed and he’d go to the drawer
and he’d start futerin’ and figurin’ and scratchin’ and bangin’
and after surmisin’ he’d put all away and he’d take a deep breath
and he’d have the last say … of course he did, he was the boss
he kept everything there all the rivets and screws and a packet of lockets that never got used
and fuses – he had a compartment for fuses all to themselves
said they were safer there then up on the shelves and they were
there was the good spanner … it was missin’, though he still had the box
and he kept the bulbs in it and there was a whole section for locks 
and he had a load of keys 
he had keys for locks that were lost or broken and good locks with no keys that no one could open
if he’d a row with me mother that’s where he’d go although it wasn’t often they had a row
if there was an animal down or a friend of his died, you’d see him through the window
just standin’ inside at the bench by the drawer
as time went on he went there alot .. he opened the drawer and sometimes not
the divisions and compartments had started to crumble 
everything was there it was just such a scramble to find what he wanted
but he still fixed things or he thought he did 
and sometimes he fixed things that were already fixed
mostly he put on his glasses marked glasses from the pouch on the shelf
and he tidied the bench and he tied bits of twine
and he fumbled through the drawer and said ‘oh my’
all these things so precious and he didn’t know why
such an easy goin’ man or so they all said
he kept his world in a drawer under the bench in the shed